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Aday’s two in one concept provides a section for individuals or couples seeking a more traditional massage shop experience, yet in a modern contemporary environment, while in the adjoining section (via a separate ladies only entrance) it is a world “for ladies only”. Here - in a first for the kingdom, - is a ladies only ‘spa’ area, designed to provide a uniquely nurturing feminine experience, a space where women can feel comfortable in an exclusive custom designed environment. A space for women of all ages to luxuriate in a range of spa and wellness therapies, including a variety of programs and treatments for pampering, stress relief, purification, anti-aging and mental stimulation. Whether you are seeking a therapeutic or pampering experience - alone or with girl-friends -.a massage or a manicure, you can also luxuriating in a Diva or Femme Fatale package or why not indulge your girlfriends in an exclusive ‘girl’s night out’ or a ‘pre-wedding treat with the bride-to-be’? Aday is the place for those seeking an affordable, personalised, indulgent experience as part of their modern healthy lifestyle.
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